Goes To Asian-African Conference 2015 !

Goes To Asian-African Conference 2015 !

After felt the euphoria of Asian-African Conference turning into 60th, i was excited because i and my Mom’s friends took a walk around Bandung city, Indonesia. We ran through the ‘Buah Batu Car Free day, then Karapitan street, Sunda street, Asia Afrika street, Braga street, Talagabodas street, Palasari market, then back to Buah Batu, our meeting point. It such charging my soul, i energize for this.

So this is my trip, and if you’d like to visit Indonesia, kindly visit Bandung. There are so much historic landmark and museum about Indonesia independence. Check this out !

  1. Asia Afrika Street

This street is historic. “ It was a meeting of Asian-Afrian states were newly independent, which took place on April 18024, 1955 in Bandung Indonesia. The 25 countries that participated at the Bandung Conference or Asian African Conference represented nearly one quarter of the Earth’s land surface and a total population 1.5 billion people. The conference’s stated aims were to promote Asian African economic and cultural cooperation and oppose colonialism or neocolonialism by any nation. The conference was an important step toward the Non-Aligned Movement” , (source : Wikipedia)

globe of Asian African Conference


see the alteration here. So much flowers, clean, beautiful. The events not only welcoming other countries, but there were a Video Mapping of Merdeka Building, then stage performance, 20.000 people played angklung, and so on. I participate with this event, that is helping Bandung always clean and obey the rules. Keep Bandung Clean !


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Savoy Homman Hotel and Asia Africa street
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Asia-Africa Street
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Merdeka Building with the flags of (+/-) 25 countries participants.

2. Braga Street

Usually visitors come here. Lots of historical landmark and bar. The platform was old but artsy. Mayor of Bandung city always repair this street orderly and good. Now, Bandung has a chairs in some streets. So when you feel tired, you can have a seat and enjoy the air.

a bar in Braga Street
circle of Braga street
Braga and their bustle
B R A G A Street




3. Otto Iskandardinata street

Luckily, we have a lot of umbrellas in the upside. In the air. In the sky. They are hanging up and rainbow colors. The street feels like happy everyday. If you visit this street, you can find a lot of cheap merchandise, shops, and anything cheap goodies in the long street. Sometimes you must be careful, cause the street is busy with the buyer.

Otto Iskandar Dinata street

Luckily, i was born here. Bandung city, famous of its culinaries, landmark, and garden city. See you Soon and enjoy !








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