Couchsurfing Experience : Being in Love with Malaysian [EN]

Couchsurfing Experience : Being in Love with Malaysian [EN]


How Couchsurfing is Running

Ok. This is my couchsurfing experience. Couchsurfing has taught me so much. How to learn other family, another culture, belief, habitual in the house, and the way of attitude. Its not about sharing only. Beyond that. Even i just stayed with 2 families, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur, i am really grateful because i could get this pricey experience.

Its hard to find someone who can easily approve your request. Sometimes they accepted, and suddenly declined. Its common. Take it easy and you must have attitude to get someone who would like to accept you home.

We are stranger and we wanna have stranger in our part of trip. Its bit crazy for some people. But i dont know why i put trust on this community. Meanwhile, some people use this out of control. Such as for dating or expect free room only. Its not about free room,  i bold that sentence.

One day my friend told me when i gave a farewell present for the host family, especially to her daughter. My friend said that we stay in their house was like spending money bigger than we stay in hostel. Yep, you must be able to guess what my friend’s will.

I rejected that statement. After knowing the community, my heart becomes more widespread and more appreciative of others. We can learn how to adapt, try one with a family, and fit in wherever we are. Although the each person’s experience is different, I’m sure that everyone can take a lesson for those who are wise. When these people use couchsurfing wisely and has good intentions, then all would end well.

Couchsurfing Experience : How to Fit In

Couchsurfing experience when I was in Malaysia making me to adjust their rhythm. Especially when in Melaka. I ws living with Malaysian citizen but they are India. They are very disciplined and measured in every case. Therefore I have to show myself that I will be discipline any time and being of a good character.

When i was in Kuala Lumpur, i live with the family and my host had a good character, heart, and she told me about how she start to be a host / couchsurfing in her house. She knows from an online group and she questioning, “how can people stay for free even they are a stranger?” (read my couchsurfing story in KL here)

She is figuring out how couchsurfing’s work. After she found out all about couchsurfing, she prayed and solidify  her heart as well as straighten intentions about what she decided. She hopes that what she will do, then it will come to fruition either. And she was praying so that people who come to be her surfer are good people.

Host Family in Kuala Lumpur

I try to fit in with her and learn how to be a good listener. Started a discussion about everything we talked until midnight. She is helpful and has a wide heart, soft, and responsible. Luckily, i came to her by weekend, so they )her family) invited me for a walk to Kuala Lumpur, packed satay, photo session in Damansara or the Central City. 


Praise to Allah, i could fit in with her daughter, sons, (even i was lack of english, because they are too fluent HAHA) i try to talk with them. Her son told me about Malaysia, their experience in South Korea. Then her daughter told me about the fact of mermaid, etc.

When i was in Melaka’s Family, i try to fit in with his sons to play Monopoli. Then try to have conversation about their school and favorite subject. They are too cute! (read my story about CS in Melaka here)

First Time Couchsurfing, First Time to be a Surfer : Beyond Happy!

I always crave this dream since high school. Dreaming to go out of the country, had  host family, can speak English along with native, and others. Finally, God grant these dreams. though I don’t know if my dream is in line with what God wants. I’m still confused with it. But I hope there‘s time I do something and fight for The Almighty Hears.

I was happy and cant move on during 2 weeks after abroad. I scroll my gallery then see my photos and video when in Malaysia and Singapore. But Malaysia really make me to come back there again. I dont know, there’s magnet. Perhaps its because of i  was down the Malaysian one by one and explore it with joy. I met with the locals in Johor, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur. I went to Penang but its rain hard so i stayed 1 day -_- so sad. (and i got bad hostel)

So yeah! I’m not satisfied to explore with this community. Couchsurfing experience is the best thing for me because this is an experience that can’t be bought with any. I feel different things as a surfer in people’s country and local residents. you have to feel it!

Keep Exploring Further!

Bromo Mt. 25/10/2017


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