Bromo Mountain : A Beautiful Creations on Earth of East Java [EN]

Bromo Mountain : A Beautiful Creations on Earth of East Java [EN]

Last month i planned to had a trip with my close friend in classmate, Hilda. We would like to go to Bromo Mountain after thesis presentation. Actually i was a bit afraid because i didn’t have enough money at that time. But i have a new hobby : scrolling and checking a price of train, flight, and hostels, so i found a really cheap train ticket to Malang!

At that time really, i didn’t have much money to pay return ticket. But i did not want to miss this discount. an executive seat from Bandung to Malang was only Rp 150.000 (USD 11.09) for one seat. Oh My God. Usually the train ticket was about USD 29-30 for executive seat. So, yeah. Go for it!

I chatted Hilda and she agreed. I booked 2 seats return ticket Bandung-Malang and abrakadabra! Hilda paid the tickets first and i owe her. By the goodness of her heart, she paid our ticket. Then i pay my debts two weeks later. Thank you very much, sister.

I really do not think that Bromo Mountain as beautiful as this, and really cold as in the Iceland (i am exaggerating). The temperature there while waiting for the sunrise was very cool. We waited up to 2 hours to wait for sunrise. The taste of this cold was stabbing and made me have to cover the entire body. I wear a mask, gloves, 3 jackets and 2 shirts, jeans and thick socksIf you want to go to Bromo Mountain, don’t forget to bring the following things.

it’s me, trying to avoid the cold.
  1. If you are people who living in tropical countries, wear these please

    Tropical countries usually has a nice weather and hot but not as cold as in the Europe. We do not have snow so the coldest temperature in the city (not on the peak of mountain) maybe 15 degrees Celsius – 40 degrees Celsius (well, Jakarta sometimes 40… hot). So, This is a different case if you are at the top of a mountain or in a mountain area. Bromo  may reach a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. 

    Bring your jackets, socks, running / climbing shoes, fabric mask, gloves, head cover, scarf, and wear a thick material veil (if you are a moslem) to get your head warmer.

    a perfection blend sky colors at 5 AM
  2. Mineral Water and Bread for Breakfast

    Usually you will get dropped by the driver at 4 AM. It’s crazy morning (if you are not a morning person). Then, the temperature is insane so it will make your face and lip get dry. Drink mineral water to get health and fresh. You can bring snacks / meal such as breads to make you not hungry.

    Actually there are plenty of food stalls in the road to the sunrise hill, but yeah, price. If we wanna minimize our budget, keep healthy with your mineral water that you bring. But you can buy coffee, tea, and pop mie (Indonesian noodles in a cup) over there.

    i was immersing with the fog and blue sky
  3. I don’t think there’s a Musholla (prayer room), so prepare these things

    At the time i was waiting for the sunrise, i always thought about how can i go to pray. I asked to the mother guards the stall, “Is there a prayer room?”, then she said “Yes, up stair”.

    I did not see the prayer rooms when i down stair. But i saw toilets and stalls up stair. At 4 AM i can’t see everything clear. Just people who mingle in the stall, laughing and had a coffee and tea. I ignored and focus to the road i stepped. Then my time prayer rang, it’s Fajr Prayer time. I was lazy to up stair (because it’s far enough). Then i sat on the bench, i started to have ablution (Tayammum) without water. I prayed.

    So, prepare to have a Wudhu (ablution) before your trip to sunrise hill spot. So you don’t have to tayammum because as many of you in a state of holiness/clean. Wear a clean jackets, socks, shirts and everything layers in your whole body. For female, you have to be covered so you don’t need to wear Mukena / moslem blouse. So, it’s important to wear Syar’i clothes / covering awrah (the part of body that should not be showed up).

    i am with Hilda
  4. Have a travel buddy is a must / mingle with the other’s traveler

    During the sun will rise, we will wait a couple of time. Usually people is talking with her friend, strolling around, and so on. I would rather to talk with travel buddy, or people there so you won’t be boring. Sun will rise around 5.30-6.00 AM. The time you will get the perfect photo and it’s clear maybe at 6 or 6.30 AM. 

    left to right : ireland guy – netherlands couple, me, hilda
  5. Get your best spot

    More early, then people will be more and more filled the Hill area to get the best sunrise. That time I was at the most front line and surrouned by the great high tourists. Even they were standing on lawn chairs to get sunrise and Bromo Mountain’s picture in the morning. 

    Bromo Mountain has a gorgeous creation ever! It’s like a painting wall. But it’s really a mountain in front of my eyes! They have a smoky haze, beautiful fog, branches, autumn trees look like, and the enchanting sunrise blend. Ma syaa Allah. 

    So, prepare yourself and your camera to take a good picture of yourself and the view because it’s really purifying, releasing, and warming your soul, brain, and heart. I looked around and tried to adapt to the natural environment. and i realized, why the local tourist here was only 3-5 persons? I looked around (again), oh my… they are really tourists from West 🙂 like all the tourist i saw is from the West. But they were nice, i met a guy from Ireland and a couple from Netherlands. They were really nice to me and we had a good conversation while we’re on the way to Bromo Mountain. 

    sunrise spot hill named Bukit Kingkong in front of Bromo Mountain


Keep Exploring Further!

ps: This articles goes to my pen pal, Aino who support me to write in English so she can read my journey. Enjoy this article, friend!

Malang, 25/10/2017


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