How To Get Verified in Couchsurfing : Without Paying at All!

How To Get Verified in Couchsurfing : Without Paying at All!

Many ways to get verified couchsurfing. Because now you can get a verified check without paying. If you are lucky to have hosted someone, couchsurfing will give you tick in some time. This I got after I hosted Anne, a traveler from Phillipin who did not want to go home to his own country. HA HA. After Anne left from Bandung to Pontianak to continue her trip, I got a verified verification! happy!

Then I read and indeed you will be able to get a tick if someone has hosted. But until now I do not know whether all will get it or not. and what are the requirements. if so, it will be a lot of profiles that get the check right? Then I tried verified in other things, namely verified government id, address and phone. Finally I can verified address and phone. Government id do not know why, maybe not yet.

Get Verified Couchsurfing : Why Must Be Verified?

If you are already verified then you will get unlimited messages to everyone. In addition, you are more trusted by others to be a host or surfer. Your name can also be the top search list. In essence, your profile is more reliable.

How to Verify Address

If you’ve tampered with the couchsurfing app, then you’ll find the edit profile and put your address. Your address can be one of the verified supporters so you are trustworthy and your home is true. The trick, Couchsurfing team from San Francisco California will send a postcard containing a code to verify your address!

After you receive postcard, you will be given a link to verifiy your address. And it’s all done!  In addition you get a verified badge from 3 things above, you can pay via Paypal or credit card. Surely if you pay will be much more convenience and it is for a lifetime.

I am noticed by Couchsurfing team

One day I write my experience with host in melaka malaysia. Then I share it to twitter and call @couchsurfing in it. Then a few days later the couchsurfing team gave an email to express gratitude for being part of this community. And I wrote it using the Indonesian language. since then I have added the spirit to write and share the benefits in this community.

After i wrote about my experience as surfer for the first time in Malacca, Malaysia, Mr Joseph said i was the first moslem who stayed at his house eveidently. Okay. Then i got much insight from his family and i wrote my story then, share to twitter and i got this mail surprisingly. I AM EXCITED. You can read my first experience as surfer here. (in Bahasa). or Here (in English)

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