Many things happened in life. We are getting older and we will get things messier and might be better. Sometimes people comes to take advantages or just lay on. Sometimes people go to throw the shits on our shoulder. But often the victim of that burden is ourselves. We couldnt realize that we are the shits.


We see we hear we think the best for ourselves but forget the people out there. We never be grateful of what we have now or what we buy then.

We freely share happiness but no one know in the corner theres someone who smiling but had a burning back. Someone who are easily broke and does not have partner in life.

We cry every night about a guy who damn made us mad of small thing. A guy who easily chat and type flowery things but punch directly next day.

We forget to pray and mention the pretty world we got, but we broke the rules and regret then. We know this is the rules but we wanna forget like right now.

There are people who fight for his self to chase the dream without any forcing. Lots of people who dream to settle with the best situation the knew.

I have ever been happy to see i am now and everything is clear but in the closest time, i got broke and burning head.

For the sake of God. I am in the searching of what im doing for my dreams. But i got so much reality which not fit in me. Or did i broke that Rules?


Keep exploring (everything) further.

Last photo is taken by Kaderisasi Salman ITB account.

Subang, 19/11/17

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