Colorful Village Jodipan : City Rides in the Middle of Malang [EN]

Colorful Village Jodipan : City Rides in the Middle of Malang [EN]

Visitors is sitting on the bench.

200 meters from Malang Train Station there is a village that looks colorful. The village is under the road and the city bridge. In the past, the village was slum. Therefore some students make improvements to the village to look beautiful from above. The reason, if the train passes, passengers will see that village. Everyday.

a whole of Kampung Tridi and Jodipan

Jodipan, is the name of the village. We can see from the bridge to take pictures as a whole. The village became unique, colorful and many art wall. None of the walls are colorless.

We are going upstair to another level of village

Kampung jodipan consists of two villages. There is a village of Tridi aka 3 dimension and Kampung Jodipan. A glass-covered bridge separates them. This yellow bridge splits two villages and rivers.

Yellow bridge separates two villages and river
Yellow bridge and its glass

The Jodipan’s Villagers

In the village there are a lot of three-dimensional paintings. Striking colors color the whole of the houses. The activities of the residents as usual.  There are momma cooking and children playing. Stalls are in some of the houses.

a villager is doing her activity at home

Besides the striking paint, their artwork adorn the village. Lots of banners and flags. umbrellas decorate several roofs. Lots of ornaments on the streets that make this village more unique and interesting.

Mick (from Ireland) is seeing the umbrellas

Entrance fee to Kampung Tridi, (the village you entered first) only 2500 rupiah (0,18 USD) . After that you will get a keychain from the villagers. Once you reach the yellow bridge, you will be charged 2000 rupiah (0,15 USD). From there you will get a sticker.


The village is unique. You can get interesting and funny photos in the village. You can get a good angle from outside the village. Take a walk to the city bridge and you can take a picture of the village as a whole there.

Jodipan from the above

Don’t miss this village if you visit Malang, East Java, Indonesia. You will be able to interact with people there, get a good photos and prospering the villagers.

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