My 2017 Best Nine at Instagram and Its Story

My 2017 Best Nine at Instagram and Its Story

As many of you know about best nine website which is serving you to know what photo got the best likes. I got them from 2017bestnine (google it and try for yours!).

I will recap that 9 photos into words and 2017bestnine are really present my whole life for a year in 2017.

1. Graduation of Bachelor Party

Everlasting Friendship

This year becomes my footage of thesis and last semester’s life in college. Getting Bachelor of Communication was not a easy. Kinda hard to make it because of external factor. I got 2 sweetie supervisor. First, he is a professor and we could not make it real to talk with him. So, we always collect the papers on his table. Luckily, in the 4th/5th times, i got his sign!

The second supervisor was kinda harder. Sometimes lady has moody life. You know it. But i must run harder for her and put the best face & attitude. After 8-10 times, i got her sign! 😵 cant believe!

The best thing in life when your sisters brother from previous teen’s life comes to your happy time! I know their effort and i love them so muchos. There’s some people that i barely unbelieve. Firda from Tangerang and made to see me! Fakhri, a guy that i rarely met, Bagas a busy worker, Resti i know she escapes from her working place to see me. Fathan, a lost boy from group then i saw him in my graduation i was like omg! Qoqon, busiest girl and still taking time to come. Fathian, the best friend who always come to every graduation of us! 🙂 Hizri, my 5th times classmate, and i am appreciating his effort riding to UPI from neverland (Bojongsoang haha).

Also, my swimming club, Hanifah, Salma, Acil, who always be my side and be my Anti Wacana gang. Vini, a lost girl and i miss her. She made my day! Last, Icat who comes every my important day. Thesis presentation and Graduation! I don’t know, it’s my best joyful moment ever in my life. Because i know our friendship is everlast.

2. Goes to Pangalengan (reporting) while Fasting month

Previous fasting month in 2017 i went to Pangalengan. Overthere i took photos and saw the development program held by community. Rumah Amal Salman which fund all the donation. The village is far from the town. They work as tea picker. Rumah Amal Salman gave them a bucket of daily needs; rice, ingridients, etc.

3. Travel to Singapore

The best moment that i’ve ever done is travel abroad for the first time! I went to Singapore and survived there. Haha. At that photo, it was our 2nd day. Our friend, Jihad, made to Singapore to met us. He would be our travel guide. We went to Art Science Museum and the area. Luckily, the area was still and we could take clear photos. Actually, after Singapore, we moved to Johor until Kuala Lumpur by Bus. 10 days was fun and unforgettable!

4. Hosted Ann from Phillipine (Couchsurfing)

It was my first time to host someone. Accidentally, my CS friend whatsapp me if i could host her friend from Phillipne because he could not host female. Then i said yes, and Ann sleepover for 3 days. I picked her up to Farm House, because she wanted to see The Hobbit House! Now, Ann is my closefriend in CS.

5. Final Thesis Presentation

This moment was unforgetable! Thesis presentation after a long long effort we did. Finally in August, I presented my thesis to 3 examiner. I can not forget to get 2 sweetie supervisors. It was hard to see them, to get their signs, and everything nice when i looked back some months ago. I wrote more than 100 pages, run to see our SPv, got mad by them, etc. So much drama but it shapes us! Thank You, my alma mater. I couldn’t believe that i am now a Bachelor. I miss my college life.

6. Crossing to Sumatera Land (Merak – Bakauheni by Ferry)

That was my first time to cross our car by Ferry. From Merak, our car entered to the Ferry then we were out and sat in the ferry. I took photos on the deck, saw the clear sky, blue water, and some ferries sailing and docking. Great experience! My first time to step in Sumatera land and went to Bandar Lampung.

7. Found my passion and be a part of Salman Media

This is the best experience ever to be said. During 1 year, i am becoming a head of media. Lots of tears and joys i have through. I found much people helping me around, interact with older people than me, managing media and honing skill as a leader. Come and go, lost and changed i already feel. It shapes my bold and strength that i got. I am so much grateful to get this opportunity. I found my passion as a journalist. I love to interact with people, making video, take photos and edit them, and the perks of being journalist.

Being a journalist made you tough and environmentally sensitive.

You have to think neutrally, be clear and learn to be patient. In every case of journalism, you are required to interact with people according to the language of their people. Interview style is not merely formal. Often we encounter people who will close themselves if our interview style looks stiff. I always try many ways so informant willing to give information to us.

After the sentence phrase is expressed by the informant, we must extend it well. We put together in a paragraph that people read easily. Then i have to check and clarify on something. Journalist writes in truth and facts not preconceived notions.  Taking pictures not just photographs. Last, we try to give a story in the photo. moment is important. This can not be obtained only once in practice.


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